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Monday, 3 June 2013

The Flying car- a fantasy soon to come true.

Soon flying in the sky wont just be a dream, all thanks to the US company Terrafugia Inc, which boast of producing a flying car which can be driven flown by anyone. The flying car which is probably called TF-X will be a hybrid of a car, a helicopter and a plane, which can be driven and flown like a personal jet plane. The feature that sets aside this beautiful piece of marvel is that it wont need  runway to take off and land the vehicle, it will take off vertically from the ground just requiring a clearance of 100 ft. While the TF-X is in air, the turbine like gas engine located at the rear end of passenger seat will take over to let the machine fly. This feature is looked upon as making the flying a success which was absent in the companies previous venture- The Transition.


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