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Friday, 14 June 2013

Clothes that will purify the air.

The brainchild of artist/designer professor Helen Storey and chemist Tony Ryan is pioneering a new project to discover how we can harness the surface of our clothing to purify the air we breathe. By combining the world of fashion and chemistry Henry and Tony have found a way to create style with real substance. This type pf clothing which purifies the air we breathe through our clothes is known as catalytic clothing.  catalytic clothing work as an air purifying machine in which nanoparticles are washed away. By adding photocatalyst   to fabrics like denim, then turning these fabrics into wearable garments such as jeans, catalytic clothing gives you the capacity to neutralise the pollution as you go about your daily life. Wherever you go, your clothing goes. And wherever your catalytic clothing goes it cleans the air.


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