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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dog rescues baby tossed in rubbish heap in Thailand.

A clever dog in Thailand has become a local hero after he rescue a new born girl in a plastic bag from a roadside dump and carried the baby back to his master's house. The canine, a Thai Bangkaew called Pui, found a white plastic bag from a dump site in tamban Sala Loi in The Rua district. He carried it to her master Gumnerd Thongmak's house and barked loudly to get attention. Gumnerd's niece Sudarat, 12, said she went downstairs after hearing the dog barking  and found the bag on he patio. She opened it and was shocked to find a new born girl inside. Sudarat ran to get her mother and they took the babyto the Rua hospital, The Bangkok post reported. The baby weighs 2.2kg, hospital officials said. They believed she was born prematurely, at around seven and a half months. She was later transferred to Phranakhon Sri Ayutthaya hospital. Pui has also received a leather collar and a medal from the Rua district Red Cross chapter as a token of appreciation for his clever rescue. 


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