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Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Russian billionaire planning to become immortal by 2045.

Dimitry Itskov, a 32 year old Russian billionaire is planning on living forever. He plans to achieve this feat by 2045, which gives the name of his idea-"Initiative 2045". He has a simple plan to make an android body for himself. The idea aims to create the technology enabling the transfer of a persons personality into an advanced  non biological carrier and extending life, including to the point of immortality. Itskov has named his "advanced non biological carrier" "an avatar", which is regulated by a brain computer interface. Itskov says it functions somehow like the 2009 James Cameron movie Avatar. Itskov also says that by the year 2025 he expects autonomous life support system for a human brain linked to a robot, which means he will be on a hold of technology that could implant human brain into a robot. By the year 2035 a human should be able to upload there brain into a robot and by the year 2045 we will be replaced by holograms or our body will be. "We will transform into a new species, when this will happen," says Itskov.  


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