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Monday, 3 June 2013

10 creepiest food facts

Here are some mind blowing creepiest facts about your day today fast foods.
1. The average fast food patron eats 12 public hairs in a year.
2. A strawberry McDonalds milkshake contains 50 artificial flavors. Since strawberry is costly so fast food companies use chemicals in place of strawberry, such chemicals are ethyl acetate, phenythyl alcohol and solvent.
3. All the chicken nuggets come from white meat.
4. There are bugs and rodent hair in your peanut butter.Shellac is an important ingredient in jelly beans.
5. Various viruses can be found on processed lunch meat.
6. If not for one ingredient, drinking a can of coke could make you vomit. A can of coke contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. This is 100 percent of your daily recommended intake. if you exceed this amount, you can end up vomiting.
7. Fast food salad contains chemicals used in antifreeze.
8. Chicken Mcnuggets contain beef.
9. Processed cheese is less than 51 percent cheese. 
10. Shellac is an important ingredient in jelly beans.


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