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Thursday, 13 June 2013

A shirt with microfiber to clean up things like iPhone and Ray Ban.

It is usually seen that people use their shirts to clean up their eye wears or camera of the phone of the lens of the camera. Generally we buy a new eye wear or camera we get a microfiber to clean it. But people are actually not interested in cleaning their eye wears or camera with the microfiber, they just use their shirts to clean to them up. So, VoyVoy oxford, a New York based company has launched a shirt which has a microprocessor in it. It helps to clean up the lens and it does nit damage the same as well. The price of the shirt is 5600 Rs.  The person who made the shirt got the idea of making a shirt with a microfiber in it when he was returning from Florida. When he was in Florida he wanted to clean up the sea salt on his spectacle. So, to clean it, he used the lower part of his shirt. He then realized to why not fix a microfiber in the shirt so that things like iPhone and Ray Ban can be cleaned up. The first lot of the shirt is being sold out. 


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