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Thursday, 20 June 2013

$250 million Monaco mansion- the worlds's most expensive penthouse.

The most expensive pent house is being made in Monaco. The Odeon Tower in Monaco, a 49 storey double scrapper under construction is the most expensive penthouse. Its cost is approximated at 2114 crores. The Odeon is expected have 7 luxury apartments, two sky duplexes of about 13000 square feet and crowning it all a multi level penthouse spans a whopping 33000 square feet, and includes 6 bedrooms, a water slide from the second balcony taking you right into the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. As of now, the penthouse is still under construction and is slated to hit market by 2014. Its cost is 18 times more than the most expensive apartment in Australia. Sydney's Residents High Park and Melbourne's HMS Launsdale cost around Rs.117 crore.


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