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Thursday, 20 June 2013

An automated cycle parking system developed by China.

Cycling in japan is the most common mode of transport in china. And this is the reason why there is always the problems of cycle parking there. Well, from now on the people out there will no longer be facing an problem. China has developed an automatic parking system for the people. Those system of parking is kept underground so that there is not much usage of space. To park the cycles people don't have to go in the basement to park their cycles instead they have to take their cycles to the eco cycle room. An IC frame is made on the cycles in the eco room. The censors on the door of the room read the IC frame. After that the front wheel of the cycle is kept at the required place and loading button is to be pressed. The cycle automatically goes down the 38 floor parking with the help of transport tree. This parking can park 204 cycles at one time. Getting once's cycle back takes just 13 seconds. 


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