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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cadbury spends Euro 6 million on making its chocolate bars stand up.

Since then when cadbury announced plans to ditch 200 staff to cut cost, owner Kraft is spending euro 6 million flipping dairy milk bars upright at the tills. Now, just over a year after the quintessentially English firm was taken over by the American processed-cheese giant, it has spent £6million on new packaging to make the chocolate bars stand erect in their cardboard boxes, the Mail can reveal.The expensive ‘innovation’ is aimed at capturing more impulse purchases. Research showed customers are more likely to succumb to their sweet tooth if they see a complete bar of chocolate rather than just its side.Kraft is using the cash on a new production line at its factory in Birmingham to repackage bars of Dairy Milk, Whole Nut, and Fruit and Nut. Each cardboard box will be fitted with a spring that prevents the bars from falling over. It also pushes the confectionery forward each time one is removed


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