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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

7 ways to get a good night sleep.

1. Set an electronic curfew:keep technology out of bed, and turn off all devices an hour before bedtime.
2. Keep a worry journal: Create a to-do job list. This will clear your mind of clutter and help you ease into sleep.
3. Set an alarm at night: An alarm to remind you when to go to bed. 
4. Leave work at the office place: Set a time in the evening to power off and leave your email for the next day. 
5. Exercise earlier in the day: Those who exercise early in the day rather at the night may enjoy the best quality sleep and find it easy to shift their bedtime and waking times early.
6. Start a routine: Setting up a routine and sticking to it every night will train your body to anticipate sleep at that time. 
7. Go to bed when you are tired: Do not push yourself to stay up later when the body feels tired.


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