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Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Japanese man completed his 40000 km walk around the world.

Masahito Yoshida, 32, recently returned back to Shanghai after travelling for four and a half years around the world. He walked around 40000 kilometers around the world. He had with him a two wheeler vehicle in which he had all the important things he needed during his travel session. He had all the things in his two wheeler vehicle that he needed on daily basis. He started his journey around the world in 2009 from the city of Tottori, Japan. He had always wanted to see the isolated towns of the globe but he didnt wanted to see it form a plane or train.So he decided to walk instead. His first destination was Cape Roca, on the Portugese post where he arrived in 2010 after covering 16000 kilometers through Central Asia and Europe.He the took a plane to America, where he walked 6000 kilometers from Atlantic city, New York to Vancouver, Canada.  From Canada, he flew to Melbourne, Southern Australia, and made his way north, to Darwin, then Singapore and back to Shanghai, China. During his memorable journey, Masahito worn off seven pairs of walking shoes.


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