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Saturday, 15 June 2013

10 most common dreams and their meaning.

1. Being chased.  It means that your mind is indicating that you have been avoiding something/ someone that is painful or frightening to you.
2. Being cheated on. It can happen put of jealousy and one should not take such dreams seriously.
3. Being late. Such dreams shows anxiousness about work.
4. Unable to shout. It means that one is not able to express himself fully and something is sopping him from achieving his goals.
5. You are a celebrity. Such dreams could be a result of watching excess of television or use of internet.
6. Dying. A death in dream could symbolize a new start or spiritual transformation. Seeing someone dead in a dream could mean that you are parting ways with person emotionally.
7.Falling. It could possibly mean something is not going right.
8. Loosing teeth. Loosing teeth indicate loss of confidence. It also mean that you are worried about your outlook or about a certain feature of your body.
9. Snake. It symbolize of a hidden threat that you should take care of.
10. Water. Dreaming about water symbolizes purification, change and transformation of life.