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Thursday, 13 June 2013

A guy who claps 13 times in a second.

Bryan Bednarek has set the record of clapping 802 times in 60 seconds i.e. 13 times in one second, devastating the previous record of 721 claps in 60 seconds, i.e. 12 claps in one second with clinical efficiency. He is the world's fastest clapper. His youtube video recently went viral when he clapped 802 times in one second. Before Bryan the person who had set the record and has the title of worlds fastest clapper is Kent French. He set the record in 2003. Kent French combined his unique style with amazing agility and endurance to set the worlds record for the most claps in one minutes that is 721 claps. There is no words yet that weather Guinness book of world records has verified the video and deemed the French record broken or not.


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