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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

In Japan, both old and new drivers have to sport a caution badge on their cars.

Japan is a place where one could find a number of signs on the cars.  There are number of car stickers that signify different things. Like there is a shamrock symbol which is designed for handicapped people. If any handicapped person is owning a car he will be having that symbol on his car. The stickers are for the safety, of both the driver and of those on the road. One such symbol is ear drop which is half yellow and half green. This mark means that the driver is above 75 years of age. Every individual above 75 years of age must have this mark on his vehicle. This is notify on the road that the individual driving the car is old. Same is the case with young drivers. when the people get there license, then for the first year of getting there license, they have to display a symbol which is half dark green and half light green.This warns those around them that they are not very skilled.


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