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Monday, 27 May 2013

First Apple PC being sold off at Rs3.70 crores

The first apple computer made by Steve job and Steve Vojniak in the garage was sold for Rs 3.70 crores. when it was first made in 1976 its cost was estimated to be $666.66.At that time it had only one circuit board. the person who had to purchase it had to purchase its mother board, case and screen separately. The significance of this computer is that it have the signature of Steve Vojniak, one of the person who made the computer.  Along with it the purchaser of computer is also provided with the original  monitor, tape player, keyboard and the original bill signed by Steve Job. According to Germany's auction house Breaker.This computer was one of the first 50 computers which was made in the garage of Steve job who made a total of 200 computers in his garage out of which 46 are still there.


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