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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Burn calories without going to gym. No need to workout.

1. Go shopping. Go shopping in malls. Shopping burns about 150 calories and you'll look good in whatever you purchase.
2. Take a pill. taking a glutamine suppliment after the meal burns 20 calories than usual.
3. Watch less Netflix. People who cut down their time watching TV burn 120 calories a day.
4. Walk and talk(and text). While you texting walk around. you'll burn few more calories and increase your metabolism.
5. Chew gum. It burns miniscule amount of calories if you chew gum on a regular basis. But gum also keeps you from snacking all day thus saving more calories.
6. Fidget. Fiddle your pen, bounce a little on your chair. This will burn 350 calories more a day than non fidgeters.
7. Take a 5 minute challenge. Walk around after every hour for 5 minutes. you'll land up loosing 170 calories without even going out.
8. Find something hilarious. Laughing for just 15 minutes can burn 50 calories.
9. House cleaning. Cleaning the house for roughly 30 minutes can burn 120 calories.
10. Drink ice water. Drinking icy cold water burns 9.25 calories(per glass) than drinking room temperature water. 


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